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Latest News

You're hired!  Limesquare supports BBC's The Apprentice

Latest News

You're hired! Limesquare supports BBC's The Apprentice

You're hired!  Limesquare supports BBC's The Apprentice


Episode 4 of Season 8 of The Apprentice aired on Wednesday the 11th April 2012 on BBC 1 to the delight of many dedicated fans. 'Junk Shops' saw Lord Sugar challenging two teams of ambitious candidates to each set up a second hand shop in the East End of London, an area renowned for its retro fashion and thriving marketplaces.

The objective of this challenge was to source their second hand market wares from auctions, car boot sales and market places before reselling their stock during a one day sale, all with a budget of £1000. The winning team was, unsurprisingly, the team that made the most profit, with the team members winning immunity from being 'fired' at the end of the episode.

Limesquare is proud to have been chosen (against stiff opposition) by this hit TV show to supply the three Luton tail lifts used by contestants and film crew during this episode, recognisable by the trademark Limesquare colours of grey and maroon striped down the side of the van.

Shown at several points throughout the episode the Limesquare vans allowed the contestants from both teams to transport their newly acquired second hand goods to their respective shops during the one day they have to choose and purchase their stock.

It is interesting to follow the contestants, throughout this episode – Team Phoenix, headed by Tom, decides that quality is more important than quantity, and so invests in a few choice items to sell for the greatest profit during their one day sale. Alternatively Team Sterling, headed by Laura, decides that cheaper products can be improved with some refurbishment and paint, thus maximising the profit made on the resale of their merchandise.

When the 'junk shops' open to the public the following day Phoenix quickly sells a large proportion of their stock from their shop 'Retro Station' in Brick Lane. Whilst this intimates a good start to the day the team soon notices that they have little left to sell, and wonder if they should have invested in more sale items after all...

Meanwhile Sterling has a good selection of stock available to the public in their shop 'Vintage Gold', but the cheaper nature of the goods (and the quality of the 'restorative' work applied by the team) result in poor sales throughout the day. Their sales were hindered by Jane pacing the space outside the shop, seemingly determined to scare away potential customers with very aggressive sales tactics.

After a harrowing and stressful day the two opposing teams take stock of their achievements and tally up their profits. In this instance Team Phoenix pits Sterling to the post, which saves the members of this group from the chance of elimination.

As head of the losing team, Laura decides that Gabrielle (head of 'upcycling' and creative enhancement) and Jane (head of sales) were the weakest links on her team and should face the panel, knowing full well that she herself was also up for elimination as team leader.

After a nail biting summation from Lord Sugar it was decided that a lack of sales skills was unforgiveable, and the dreaded words "you're fired" were directed at Jane as the penalty for her awful sales skills.

With 6.4 million viewers switching on to watch the opening episode of Season 8 it is clear how popular The Apprentice is, and Limesquare is proud to have been involved with such a well renowned show.

By Marina Wryer

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